Mazda MX-R5F A possible New Auto-X Competitor

The Miata a small two door 2 seater entry level sports car manufactured by the Japanes automaker Mazda. A company not new to the game of manufacturing innovative vehicles and performance motors. The Miata has been a longtime favourite for all forms of auto enthusiasts since the early 90’s this week at the New York Auto show the replacement vehicle to the MX5 was revealed a brand new to the lineup convertible two door coupe that will be sold under the name of MX-R5F, unlike some of its predecessors this model sports an automatic and powered retractable roof! A button on the interior of the vehicle folds the roof, rear windows and all of the supports into the trunk in a hidden and clean and tidy way.

See the pictures below for what we are referring to.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.08.57 PM

Although the vehicle has undergone a name change, and a drastic exterior revision the performance aspect and motor have not changed, the ever reliable and possibly under powered 2.0l NA motor still triumphs. Pair this with a 6 speed transmission and you may have a competitor for the Scion FRS. A true Auto-X competitor that can easily compete with a variety of different manufacturers vehicle and classes. Mazda also made it public knowledge that they had been selected for a variety of auto manufacturer awards world car of the year has been selected for the MX-R5F.

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