Honda Civic Hatchback Coming to North America

The all new 10th generation civic was unveiled at the Geneva auto show last week. The north american market has been without a hatchback civic for over 10 years now. The popularity of the vehicles throughout the 90’s into early 2000’s was a top seller for on of the worlds largest automakers Honda.

See some of the pictures below of the newly unveiled product, we assume when this product actually does come to market in the coming months it will become a little bit of a toned down version than what is actually pictured. The new model features a larger frame, wheels base was increased and it shares some sporty technologies similar to that of the Type R Civic from previous generations. The New coupe and sedan are going to be made available in both manual 6 speed transmissions and automatic. Pricing information has yet to be released however Honda has confirmed the addition to the online car building platform will be available next week.

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