Performance Automotive Car Rims Without Breaking the Bank.

Todays article is in relation to automotive performance wheels and the production of the wheels. We are cross-examining the quality differences between high production alloy wheels made form aluminum and a conventional steel wheel. Initially aftermarket wheels came into the automotive industry to improve one of two things, performance in terms of rotating mass or looks and or improve the actual appearance of the vehicle in which they are going onto. We are going cross examine and comparing both physical appearances as well as how a performance racing wheel stacks up to some of the other brands available on the market. Most companies manufacturer for performance alloy wheels that has been around since early 2014, they started out on the market producing 4 different wheels and has since expanded to carry around 8 different models. As with all aluminum alloy wheels the production stage can be done one of two way, the current method to  produces rims is done through a cast setup not forged. Cast is a highly used method for the production of metal goods because it is low cost and produces a strong and reliable product that is both lightweight and cost affordable.

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BMW Granted Funds for Innovation Testing

Bmw has been granted a sum of capital to test and research technology they have been developing for the last 20 years. BMW the Company celebrated their 100th Anniversary last week and it marks a significant timeline for the company and how far along it has come. The roots of the company originally planted in Germany producing and manufacturing engines suitable for world war 2 planes and machinery, fast forward 100 years later and the company is producing some of the highest rated luxury vehicles on the planet.

Current chairman spoke about future goals for the organization and where it would stand in the coming years, CEO and president spoke openly about these goals stating that volume was not everything and that rival manufacturers like benz and audi are both very strong competitors however BMW has been setting the standard for years.

Grants set fourth by the german government will also allow the manufacturer and auto conglomerate the opportunity to bring fourth pre-developed technologies forward and apply them to new markets.

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Falken Azenis RT615 Review

In todays article we are going to be discussing the importance of selecting the correct tires for your racing purposes and applications. The most important aspect of automotive racing has to be the single word “traction” without it we can not move, we loose control, racing becomes a dangerous and un-eventful sport outside of the crazy world of drifting. Even drifting requires mass amounts of traction in order to propel the car in a sideways motion.

We have composed a list of a couple very prominent and important tire manufacturers and we wanted to compare reviews and information that we found online through various retailers like tire rack and Revwerks etc.

Initially we wanted to compare and write a review on one of our favorite tires, the Falken RT-615 this is a tire that has a vey aggressive tread pattern and on top of that it also sports a 180 tread wear which is the lowest level you can legally run for a lot of auto cross events as well as sporting solo one and solo 2 racing events.

We have attached a picture of the RT-615 below, this tire performs great under all conditions. Although one thing we did notice was after roughly 10 laps on the road course they start to become greasy, which is somewhat concerning for high speed turns coming off of a straight and into a sharp hairpin.

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Mazda MX-R5F A possible New Auto-X Competitor

The Miata a small two door 2 seater entry level sports car manufactured by the Japanes automaker Mazda. A company not new to the game of manufacturing innovative vehicles and performance motors. The Miata has been a longtime favourite for all forms of auto enthusiasts since the early 90’s this week at the New York Auto show the replacement vehicle to the MX5 was revealed a brand new to the lineup convertible two door coupe that will be sold under the name of MX-R5F, unlike some of its predecessors this model sports an automatic and powered retractable roof! A button on the interior of the vehicle folds the roof, rear windows and all of the supports into the trunk in a hidden and clean and tidy way.

See the pictures below for what we are referring to.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.08.57 PM

Although the vehicle has undergone a name change, and a drastic exterior revision the performance aspect and motor have not changed, the ever reliable and possibly under powered 2.0l NA motor still triumphs. Pair this with a 6 speed transmission and you may have a competitor for the Scion FRS. A true Auto-X competitor that can easily compete with a variety of different manufacturers vehicle and classes. Mazda also made it public knowledge that they had been selected for a variety of auto manufacturer awards world car of the year has been selected for the MX-R5F.

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