Performance Automotive Car Rims Without Breaking the Bank.

Todays article is in relation to automotive performance wheels and the production of the wheels. We are cross-examining the quality differences between high production alloy wheels made form aluminum and a conventional steel wheel. Initially aftermarket wheels came into the automotive industry to improve one of two things, performance in terms of rotating mass or looks and or improve the actual appearance of the vehicle in which they are going onto. We are going cross examine and comparing both physical appearances as well as how a performance racing wheel stacks up to some of the other brands available on the market. Most companies manufacturer for performance alloy wheels that has been around since early 2014, they started out on the market producing 4 different wheels and has since expanded to carry around 8 different models. As with all aluminum alloy wheels the production stage can be done one of two way, the current method to  produces rims is done through a cast setup not forged. Cast is a highly used method for the production of metal goods because it is low cost and produces a strong and reliable product that is both lightweight and cost affordable.

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VLF Destino a Maserati Gransport Replica?

When we first got word of the auto manufacturer VLF we had to do some background research on the brand as it was not a easily recognizable or super well known auto manufacturer. Long story short the company recently released a brand new vehicle to the lineup, my first look at the vehicle and all I can think of is Maserati Gransport replica, or perhaps a Fisker? Upon further research we discovered the company was founded by the Bob Lutz, an ex employee of the late Fisker motor car company.

Fisker whom is now out of business (since 2012) under went a part out of the company and was completely restructured, the Destino was already in production and it was rumoured the design was fired off to the new company! Perhaps it was destiny this vehicle needed to come to life?

The Destino is basically a Fisker with a corvette LS9 motor underneath its bonnet, no shortage on this beast of a vehicle and the looks are stunny as well! End of the day I still see Maserati on the body lines.

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Elon Musk Releases Hidden Pricing Structure For Model 3 Owners

Tuesday may have come a shock to the 375,000 some people whom have forked out for a deposit on the latest Elon Musk Project (Tesla Model 3). Tesla will be charging Model 3 Owners to access and use the companies supercharger stations a move that may have been unexpected for many customers considering the last 3 vehicles manufactured by the Tech / Auto manufacturer have been structured around offering a complimentary charging platform.

“Free Supercharging fundamentally has a cost,” Musk, 44, said in shareholder meeting early Tuesday morning. Musk identifies some key suggestions and made hints towards charging your phone at home and at work. The emphasis surrounding the vehicles seems to be pointing in the direction of less use on the supercharger stations and more in house charging.

What are your thoughts on the newly released charging PR, is this expected? At the end of the day a energy resource is still needed to propel a vehicle forward are we switching from petroleum to electricity? is this Beneficial, let us know below.

To learn more about the Tesla Model 3 and the Charging platform check out the link below.

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Affordable Coilovers and Aftermarket Suspension that Performs!

LC Racing has been a leader in producing affordable suspension kits that truly do perform for a number of years. They have a range of models that are accessible for all Honda Civic models as well as accessible for other vehicles like BMW and Ford. In our research most companies make their coilover spring setups for basically every car and or company and most models. Known for their renowned American manufactured and engineered, coilovers are just the standard in operation springs. Few producer’s have their track record. Coilovers are designed to manage the extremes of racing. They patented a progressive spring design to help you manage sharper turns. You are going to have the same technology in the springs found in Formula 1 race cars.

While many of our readers will not be driving 200+ miles per hour on the roads or highways, its nice to know that the vehicle springs could manage such high speeds. Many people purchase performance components as much for the appears as the operation. Aesthetics aside, even lowering your vehicle an inches enhances your operation, management, and fuel consumption. This specific LC racing system lowers your car 1 to 1.5 at an inexpensive price. Lowering your vehicle 1 to 1.5 enhances functionality due to the lower gravity centre. This leads to reducing acceleration squat, braking nose dives, and cornering body rolls.

In our expertise, as a driver you’ll instantly feel more direct management and greater predictability. The current racing coilover kit is tailor made for the particular year, make and model car Identifying progressive spring design lowers your ride 1 to 1 The TR extreme low Kit drops your gravitation centre, which reduces acceleration squat, trimmings body roll trim curve, finishes excessive nose dive when braking, and enhances overall management lowers the wheel well over the tire, removing the additional space for hot functionality appears 4 springs contained in the Lc racing Master FR series, although operation of the Pro Kit is highlighted by coilover reviews. The Swift springs Kit has a 1, 000,000 mile warranty. Plan a leisurely mid-day to install your bc racing coilovers correctly. Based on your experience you will need a 3-5 hours and the standard tool set to complete this installment. Ensure you’ve a spring compressor before you start as many will need this tool to finish your task.

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Novitec Aventador Photos Released

Novitec the well known automotive exotic tuner has put their expertise to the test with the release of a brand new platform to start modifying. The new vehicle in question is none other than the lamborghini aventador, originally released in 2009 the car was a sensation to modern day supercars. Sporting fighter jet styling and a high revving V12 motor paired with the legendary Lamborghini AWD system a person might question how you could make this vehicle better than the predecessor.

In the modern day car modifying scene we are seeing a lot of designers bring forward body kits and aftermarket support that bolts onto the existing vehicle. Extended flares, riveted on lip kits and such. If you need an example of what I am talking about head over to liberty walk japan and check out some of the pictures and videos of the cars they build. At the end of the day you walk away with a half million dollar car that has been hacked to pieces to accommodate all of the new pieces. Novitec does not play by these rules the new vehicle in question is every bit as clean as the OEM setup, each wide body panel was re-designed and re-crafted using carbon fibre and bolts into the existing OEM locations. The end result is you have a vehicle that is extremely clean and doesnt look like an after thought.

On top of all of the new additions added to the Novitec Aventador the design team was also able to shed 50 lbs out of the existing car. Engine enhancements include giving the V12 motor a performance intake that allows the motor to breathe. A flash of the engine ECU and the HP numbers increase to 785 hp.

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Audi RS7 Revs, Exhaust Notes and Walk around

Audi has been in their element that last couple of years being a leader and one of the original innovators of the LED headlights originally debuted in 2009. The new vehicle to hit the streets is a luxury saloon that battles with the Mercedes Benz CLS, BMW 7 Series. A humble yet aggressive looking 4 door sedan that will make you squeal when you hit the throttle. The new model name is the RS7, built on the same platform as its cousin the A7 however it sports a Twin Turbo 4.0 litre V8 motor that pushed out 553 hp. We found a clip online that really gives you a better understanding as to great this new motor sounds.

As with all of the Audi RS series theses are the elite of the elite audi’s built in a seperate “quattro” factory. The vehicles undergo extreme scrutiny, body panels made of different materials that are both lighter and stronger and wider, bigger wheels, wider tires and of course throatier and meaner engines.

A couple specifications to get you really turning over in your seat include the Audi RS7 can go to 0-100km/h in 3.6 seconds.

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BMW Granted Funds for Innovation Testing

Bmw has been granted a sum of capital to test and research technology they have been developing for the last 20 years. BMW the Company celebrated their 100th Anniversary last week and it marks a significant timeline for the company and how far along it has come. The roots of the company originally planted in Germany producing and manufacturing engines suitable for world war 2 planes and machinery, fast forward 100 years later and the company is producing some of the highest rated luxury vehicles on the planet.

Current chairman spoke about future goals for the organization and where it would stand in the coming years, CEO and president spoke openly about these goals stating that volume was not everything and that rival manufacturers like benz and audi are both very strong competitors however BMW has been setting the standard for years.

Grants set fourth by the german government will also allow the manufacturer and auto conglomerate the opportunity to bring fourth pre-developed technologies forward and apply them to new markets.

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